Locally, there are two “Perpetual Care” cemeteries; Greenlawn and Lakewood Cemetery. Both are located within a mile of Storke Funeral Home, within the town of Bowling Green.

Greenlawn Cemetery

We act as the superintendent for both cemeteries and maintain all of their lot owner records here at our funeral home. This is a huge convenience to the families we serve. All funeral and cemetery arrangements can be handled at one time and at one place. This lessens the burden on the family at an already emotional and exhausting time.

Lakewood Cemetery

We are authorized by both cemeteries and can assist you with the sale of cemetery property in conjunction with funeral services at no additional cost.

Lakewood and Greenlawn sell grave spaces from $800 – $1,500 each and both have a large selection of available property.

Also in the area, there are many church cemeteries and family burial grounds that we maintain a relationship with and have the contact information to assist our families with arranging interments.