Are you looking for funeral homes and cremation services in Ruther Glen, VA? If “yes”, you’re in the right place. When you make your funeral arrangements with us in advance, you’ll lessen your family’s burden of making difficult decisions at what will be an already difficult time for them. By you putting down your final wishes, they won’t be left to guess what you would have wanted. Call us at (804) 633-5661 for immediate assistance today.

Ruther Glen, VA Funeral Home And Cremations
In a time of grief and sadness, it can be especially challenging to make big decisions. That is one reason it can be helpful to hire a reliable funeral home to help you make the final necessary arrangements when a loved one passes away. But how can you find such a provider when shopping for funeral home and cremations in Ruther Glen, VA? What will you even want to seek?

A few tips may help steer you along:

  • Choose a provider with a lot of experience. This might seem obvious, but it can make an enormous difference in the final results for which you are paying—experience matters. At Storke Funeral Home, we have a long track record. Over the decades, we have been privileged to have served thousands and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Choose a locally owned and operated firm. Decisions around policy should be made for the most impacted people. Because we are owned and operated by Mr. Storke himself, you can be assured of policies and procedures that reflect the best interests of our local communities that we serve.
  • Choose a provider with the support staff to really make your event shine. Little details can really make a huge difference in final outcomes. Hire a team with the staff and personnel to deliver on those details. You will be well supported in creating a beautiful and memorable goodbye.
  • Choose a provider who is transparent with their pricing. When reeling with a loss, you are vulnerable and may not be at your best ability to make sound financial decisions. It is crucial to work with a company that is very upfront with its pricing and service costs. At Storke Funeral Home, we are committed to working with and finding a match for your budget. See our website for specific pricing information.

Specialty Services Add a Personal Touch for Funeral Home and Cremations in Ruther Glen, VA

With high standards for quality and detail-oriented customer service, our funeral professionals are the best! We really pride ourselves on including those little things that can add up to so much more. A sample of some of our unique services are detailed below:

  • Holiday Remembrance Illumination Ceremony is held at the end of each year. This silent luminary ceremony is held at Broaddus Pond in Bowling Green. Each person who passed away and came through our care in the last year will be honored with a floating candle.
  • Graveside Dove Tributes can be chosen to add to the graveside portion of your services. The white pigeons and doves that are used are raised and maintained in lofts on our property. The release of the birds is both beautiful and symbolic.
  • Horse Drawn Carriage Processions are an old-fashioned tradition from a bygone era. We have an 1860 horse-drawn funeral hearse that has been restored to be fully functional today. For our military and first responder services, we offer the use of the horse-drawn caisson to honor our heroes further.
  • Funeral and Cremation Receptions can be held as part of your services to honor a well-lived life. Our Colonial Beach location has been completely retrofitted to be a beautiful venue for events of this nature.
  • Our Floral Legacy Program has been introduced by Storke Funeral Home in an effort to repurpose some of the flowers that are received by grieving families. It works like this: after the services are over, any designated floral arrangements are taken back to the funeral home. The next day, volunteers come and carefully take the arrangements apart to be regrouped into smaller collections. These are then distributed to local nursing homes, hospitals, or others who may need a flower to brighten their day.

Complete Access to All Options

As a full-service funeral home, we can connect you to the services and vendors you may need of. This includes essential and delicate processes like cremation. We work with families who select this option all the time. We have added to our offerings with our recent purchase of Historyland Memorial Park for proper one-stop services. It is located right next to our King George Chapel location for added convenience.

Additionally, we can help you find any merchandise that you may require.  It is good to think now about what styles of monuments, headstones, or other products for grave markers and memorials you might like. When you are looking for one stop to cover your needs surrounding funeral home and cremations in Ruther Glen, VA, count on us to help you get the best products and services!

Reach Out to Schedule an Appointment

As you find yourself making plans for funeral home and cremations in Ruther Glen, VA, please call us at Storke Funeral Home to make an appointment today. We are truly THE professional, compassionate, and detail-oriented funeral home you will want to choose.

Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

What is the purpose of exhumation?

Exhumation is most requested for medico-legal reasons, that is if a person dies in suspicious circumstances, the police may request exhumation to determine the cause of death. Learn More…

What does it mean when you release doves at a funeral?

Funeral Tributes with the Release of a White Dove. The release of a pure white dove is one way to respect your loved one when he or she ascends into the heavens. Learn More…

Where do you send flowers when someone dies?

Acquaintances have the choice of sending flowers straight to the burial site or a family member’s house. Learn More…