David Storke

There are important and solemn occasions in the life of a family. The birth of a child, the marriage of a couple, or the death of a loved one top the list.

At Storke Funeral Home we treat the death of a loved one as one of THE most important events in life. Until you experience the death of an immediate family member, you can’t fully appreciate the impact. The loss of a spouse, child or parent is so great that those who have not experienced it can not even begin to understand the emotions associated with it.

We understand this dynamic and appreciate the awesome responsibility entrusted to us. We operate our funeral home as a business, but we understand that the nature of our business is like no other. Families trust us with the care of their most precious possession…..their loved one.

We know that in life, the things that matter most are the little things. The small details that go into planning a suitable funeral or memorial are what we excel at. A funeral or memorial service should be one of THE most professional and dignified events in a families experiences. That’s why we feel comfortable in saying; ask any family that we have served for a recommendation.

The “Storke” Difference

    We want you to feel comfortable when you first meet with us, that is why we put our prices online. There is enough anxiety associated with making final arrangements. Worrying about how much a funeral, casket or urn is should not be one of them.
    We are the only funeral home in the area that offers funeral processions “the old fashioned way.” We have a restored 1860 horse drawn hearse and a new horse drawn military caisson.

    We raise and maintain our own white doves and pigeons in lofts on our property. To honor the life of a loved one, many families like to experience the beauty and freedom of doves in flight as they are released as part of the graveside service.

    On the third Saturday evening in December, Storke Funeral Home presents it’s annual Holiday Remembrance Illumination. Held at Broaddus Pond in Bowling Green, the evening is dedicated to family members as well as all loved ones that passed away during the year.Storke Funeral Home, realizing that the holiday season can be a very difficult time after the death of a loved one, created this Luminary Service as a silent memorial to all families served by Storke Funeral Home during that year. Between the hours of 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Broaddus Pond is aglow with over 100 floating luminary candles representing each person cared for by Storke Funeral Home.

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