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All About Last Wishes Documents

Your last wishes are your requests for what you want to be done after you die, generally regarding the funeral or memorial arrangements and final disposition. The last wishes document is how you can tell your loved ones what you want to be done after you die, from a cremation service to a funeral at a funeral home in King George, VA.

Here are some common last wishes questions and their answers to give you more information on these important documents:

  1. Are the last wishes document the same as an advance directive? – Advanced directives are legal documents that detail someone’s wishes when they are terminally ill. Last wishes are not legally binding and deal more with how you would like to be remembered, what you would like to say to your loved ones, and other practical things.
  2. How do you make the last wishes document? – You don’t need to do anything fancy to write down your last wishes. The document should include your name, the details you want your loved ones to know, and who you want to tell them to. It can be a few sentences or several pages, typed and printed, or just written down in a notebook. Just be sure it’s kept in a safe place and that the people it addresses know about it and where it is.
  3. Are last wishes the same as a will? – Last wishes are not wills. Wills are legal documents that deal with your estate, belonging, or finances, while last wishes are non-legal documents that deal with funeral or service arrangements. It also does not make sense to include your last wishes in your will as the will is generally read after the funeral, thereby making your last wishes useless.
  4. Are last wishes legally binding? – Last wishes documents are not legally binding, but most family members or loved ones at least feel morally obligated to see your wishes done.funeral home in King George, VA
  5. What should you include in the last wishes document? – Your last wishes can include anything you want, including funeral or cremation preferences and plans, body disposition preferences, obituary information, messages to your loved ones, requests for your final days, and personal information like where your will is.

Some people also choose to include what they want for the time leading up to their death as well, like who they want to see, if they want to pass at home or at a care facility, or even what they want their surroundings to be like. It’s always best to tell your loved ones about these wishes in addition to writing them down. That way you can make sure they understand what you want, and they can ask any questions they may have.

Everyone dies eventually, so, no matter how uncomfortable it might be, it’s a good idea to be as prepared for the eventuality as possible. We are here to help if you want to learn more about last wishes or King George, VA funeral homes. Call or visit us today for more information.


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