Kathleen Boucher-Lavigne

I could not be more thankful for Storke. Highly recommend. Please read.

No one wants to think about planning a funeral for your father, let alone if you are 33 years old and managing your father’s estate. As my dad’s power of attorney I tried to plan a little bit ahead and the best thing that happened to me was finding and enlisting David Storke and his crew. He assured me that everything would be taken care of when my father passed away and he was not wrong. When my dad died I was a wreck and David was the angel that I needed.

From handling technical questions, to being there for me with a gentle ear and uplifting sense of humor, I felt assured. He even let me be a diva when my family tried to insert 500 obituary edits and he took them all in stride. On the day of the funeral mass the Storke team greeted me, had programs and prayer cards available as well as a guest book and extra checks in case I had forgotten any. My dad looked really really good thanks to Storke’s team and my family was blown away with how wonderful they were.

I cannot recommend them enough. My father was a colonel in the army and while we do not yet have a date for Arlington National Cemetary I am thankful that I have Storke on my side to advocate for me and help me though next steps.

In summary, Storke Funeral Home is the best thing since beer (I would say the best thing since sliced bread but I like beer more than bread).


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