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What to Say to Someone Who is Dying

Death can be especially challenging when its seen coming from a long way off. That’s why it’s important to visit a dying friend so you can show your love and support before your friend’s service at a funeral home in King George, VA. But what should you do if you have a friend or close relative who’s dying? But what should you say? How can you get through the tangle of emotions that comes with such a visit?

It’s understandable and even normal to feel uneasy or anxious about visiting with someone who’s dying. Most people have never been in that kind of situation before and therefore lack the experience and knowledge to know what to say or do. People also don’t know what to say or do because death and terminal illnesses are somewhat taboo subjects in our society and are therefore often not really talked about or dealt with. Death is something we will all face eventually. And don’t you want your friends and loved ones by your side when your time comes? The answer is probably yes, so you need to extend that same grace to your friends and loved ones as they pass. Also, friendship and family means being there to support a person through the good times and the bad. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable, but imagine how scared or uncertain they are. This is the moment they need you the most. Once you decide to make the visit, you might begin to be concerned about what you will say.

There is a lot of awkwardness that comes from talking about death, but it may be helpful to remember that your friend or loved one might feel just as awkward about the subject. Here are some tips for what to say:funeral home in King George, VA

  1. Don’t Wait – You never know which conversation or visit might be your last, so don’t wait too long to make your visit, and be sure you remain as heartfelt and loving as you can.
  2. Be Honest – Always be honest about your own feelings and experience. Feeling nervous, sad, or scared? Say so. Human connection is so important, and the best way to connect is through honesty.
  3. Ask Questions – Face the elephant in the room head-on and ask questions about how they’re doing. They may not want to answer them, and that is OK, but just having you be there to ask the questions is often comfortable enough. Always let them decide how much they feel like sharing.
  4. Listen – Sometimes it’s more about what you don’t say than what you do say. They might just need someone to listen to them, hold their hand, and be their shoulder to cry on. After all, what they are going through is scary and overwhelming. Just being there to sit with them and let them express how they are feeling can be more than enough comfort.

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