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How to Host a Summer Memorial

Are you hosting a memorial in the summer for your loved one after their cremation service in King George, VA?

With everything from gorgeous weather and bright sunshine to vibrant flowers, summer memorials can be truly beautiful and meaningful. That’s why summer memorials are very popular. However, the summer also comes with variables that can quickly turn a wonderful memorial into a disaster, like thunderstorms, heatwaves, and lots and lots of bugs.

Summertime is for enjoying the outdoors, taking vacations and spending time with family and friends. It can also be a time to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed away. If you’re looking for ideas on how to host a summer memorial, you’ve come to the right place. 

1. Choose a time and location for the service. 

date and time

Time and location are two of the most important considerations when planning a memorial service. You’ll need to decide on things like how long the service will be, what type of music will be played, and who will speak. It’s also a good idea to have some kind of program or order of service so that everyone knows what to expect.

2. Send out invitations.

Send out invitations

Once you’ve decided on the details of the service, it’s time to start spreading the word! Be sure to send out invitations in plenty of time so that your guests can make travel arrangements if needed. You can use an online invitation service or go the traditional route with paper invitations.

3. Plan for refreshments.

offer freshness

After the service, you’ll probably want to offer refreshments to your guests. This is a good time to talk to family and friends about their favorite foods and drinks of the deceased. You can also use this as an opportunity to share memories and stories about the person you’re honoring.

4. Create a memory table.

memory table

A memory table is a great way to display photos and other mementos of the person you’re memorializing. You can also use it to display items that were important to them in life, such as a favorite book or piece of jewelry.

5. Play music that was meaningful to the deceased.

Music on funeral

Music can be a powerful way to honor a loved one’s memory. Choose songs that are special to them or that remind you of happy times together. You can also create a playlist of their favorite songs to play during the memorial.

6. Light candles in honor of the deceased. 

Light candles

Candles are often used in memorial services to represent the light of life that has been extinguished. You can purchase special memorial candles or use regular candles and place them in holders with the person’s name on them.

7. Give out memorial favors.

memorial favors

Memorial favors are a small token of appreciation that you can give to guests at the end of the service. They can be anything from simple keepsakes to more elaborate items like personalized keychain ornaments. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that would have been meaningful to the person you are honoring.

8. Serve comfort food.

Serve comfort food

After a memorial service, guests will often stay to chat and reminisce. Provide them with some light refreshments like finger sandwiches, cookies, or fruit punch. This will give everyone a chance to share memories and support one another during this difficult time.

9. Have fun!

Have fun

Even though a memorial service is a somber occasion, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun while remembering your loved one. Play their favorite music, share stories about them, and take the time to laugh. After all, they would want you to celebrate their life, not dwell on their death.

10. Thank your guests.

thanks your guest

At the end of the service, be sure to thank everyone for coming and supporting you during this difficult time. You may even want to send out thank-you cards in the days following the event. A little appreciation can go a long way in making your guests feel valued and appreciated.

Here are some tips for planning a summer memorial that will help you enjoy all the benefits of the season without fear of any pitfalls.

Host the Memorial Indoors

Indoor receptions are always a safe bet, but especially so in the summer. You don’t have to worry about pesky bugs swarming the food, heavy rain turning the greeting line into a mud pit, or an unexpected heat wave sending your guests in search of air conditioning. You can still enjoy parts of the memorial outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful season, but having the reception inside will save you a lot of headaches and worry.

Make a Back-Up Plan

If you still want to have your memorial service, scattering event, or other kinds of meaningful moments to honor the deceased outdoors, you definitely need a backup plan in case of rain or other problematic weather. Think about where you can have the ceremony if you have to move things inside or get creative with other solutions like umbrellas or fans.

Cooling Refreshments

Most memorials these days start in the heat of the day, so your guests will want something to cool them down when they arrive and during the service itself. Trycremation service in King George, VA serving cooling welcome refreshments right when the guests arrive so they stay comfortable and cool for the service and into the reception.

Cooling Hand-Outs

Think about helpful favors or handouts you can hand out to your guests to help them beat the heat, like fans or koozies to keep drinks cold. You can even order programs that list the agenda for the memorial service that double as fans.

Skip the Soup

Many people choose to serve food at the reception following a lost loved one’s memorial. While a warm bowl of soup might be delicious, it doesn’t really work with the summer season or the summer heat. Instead, opt for more summer-friendly dishes like salads, fresh fruit, or a cooling gazpacho.

Honor the Deceased with Flowers

One of the best parts of summertime is the abundance of bright, colorful flowers and rich greenery. Summer is the perfect time to go overboard with florals, especially when you’re bringing the outdoor feel indoors for an indoor reception after an outdoor memorial service. You can also ask your florist about what’s locally in the season to save some money on the centerpieces, flowers for scattering, or other flowers you may want for the memorial.

We are here to help if you want to make your lost loved one’s service the best it can be or do you want more information on King George, VA cremation services. Call or visit us today to learn more about our services.

Key Takeaways:

You have to choose a meaningful location to host a summer memorial: A spot in the backyard, park, beach, or other special place that is significant to the deceased can be a suitable place to pay tribute to the life of a loved one. Consider booking the site if necessary. Send out formal invitations via email or postcards that outline details of the celebration such as time, location, and dress code. Make sure to give ample notice for family and friends who may need to travel to attend the memorial. Assemble photos or items that speak about their life for guests to view and remember during the memorial ceremony.


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